7 Important Exercises To Get Rid Of Double Chin

The Important 7 Exercises To Get Rid Of Double Chin
Age, Unhealthy diet, Posture, and genetic conditions can be a cause for double chin. Excess facial fat or double chin occurs when a layer of fat around the neck sags. to get rid of double chin and help your face back to the normal form there are multiple effective facial exercises that would stretch your cheeks muscles, reduce your double chin, remove excess fat and get you an adorable oval face if you stick with the exercise perfectly, here’s a compiled list to Get Rid Of Double Chin by STOMACH EXERCISES‘s Blog :

 — Warming up the muscles
1- The scoop
2- Lick your nose
3- Side to Side chin exercise “Drawn Cheeks”
4- “Kiss the cloud”
5- Chin Resistance
6- A Fake Smile
7- Fiche Face

To start  exercises to Get Rid Of Double Chin you should Warming up chin and neck muscles

Warming up chin and neck muscles

First of all Stretching or warming up the neck actually helps to reduce the pressure areas that cause headaches and rigidity in the joints.

warming up is mandatory before any type of workout.
how to do that for double chin muscles?
Shift the bottom jaw to the front and back and then side by side. Avoid violent motions, all motions should be carried out slowly and smoothly. Repeat 8-10 times.

watch a video for this exercise: https://youtu.be/6X130oY20h

1- The Scoop

– with an opening mouth turn over your lower teeth with your bottom lip.
– act like you’re scooping water with your lower jaw.
– In a scooping motion, move your head down and close your mouth as you lift your head.

watch a video for this exercise: https://youtu.be/ivPvt61mcSs

2- Lick Your Nose

Lick Your Nose - double chin exercises

– with the tip of your tongue try to touch your nose as far as possible.
– Throughout the workout, keep your lips relaxed.
– repeat 8-10 times.
watch a video for this exercise: https://youtu.be/3Cf1uz6MwN

3- Side to Side Chin Exercise “Drawn Cheeks”

The following exercise can transform your face to a younger and slimmer look :

– Look straight to the left.
– As far as you can move your lower jaw forward.
– Stretch your neck muscles.
– For each side (left and right) repeat the exercise 5 times.

Notice: This exercise needs from you to warm-up carefully.
watch a video for this exercise: https://youtu.be/g67JtzAgTbw

4- “Kiss The Clouds”

Kiss The Clouds
This is the most effective exercise to get rid of double chin, just imagine that you have to reach the clouds to kiss them, lol !!

– Look up tilting your head back and gently push your lower jaw.
– Then act like you’re kissing someone.
– Repeat this movement 15 times.
– slowly bring your head to its normal position.

when you’re doing the exercise perfectly, You must have a strong neck pressure.
watch a video for this exercise: https://youtu.be/li4cHmvPhBI

5- Chin Resistance

– Form two fists with your hands and put them under your chin.
– Try to push your chin down on your fists using your jaw and try to fix your hands.
– Bit by bit put more pressure until your maximum resistance is reached.
– For 3-5 seconds hold on this position then relax.
– Repeat for 10 times.
watch a video for this exercise: https://youtu.be/J9ddAkh2f1

6- A Fake Smile

A Fake Smile - double chin

This is just a fake smile, check if someone not staring at you and then perform these steps 🙂

– While your mouth shut, clench your teeth.
– As wide as possible try to smile your lips to the corner.
– Then press the tongue up to the upper row of the teeth until you feel tension in your chin muscles.
– Keep the tension feeling for 5 seconds max, then chill for 3 seconds and repeat 5 to 8 times

7- Fiche Face

Fiche face- double chin exercise
Just the same as “Fake Smile” in the previous exercise it’s another way to get rid of double chin or puffy cheeks :
– On both sides of your cheeks place your hands.
– Suck your cheeks in and hold this position for 10 sec at least.
– Just like a fish breaths underwater, perform an opening and closing to your mouth and gradually tilt the head upwards to the roof.


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